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NORM: The Vowel Normalization and Plotting Suite
The online tool for sociophonetic vowel normalization.
Erik R. Thomas and Tyler Kendall (2007)

Meanwhile, as a part of SLAAP and NORM, we have also built a number of web-based tools and back-end scripts. Some of these are available here.

These tools should be considered "in beta" and come with no warranty. Apologies if they don't work for your specific files. That said, please let me know if you encounter problems or have suggestions for improvement.

  • Convert TextGrid transcripts to readable text

    SLAAP converts Praat TextGrid files to database entries that are then viewable in a number of hopefully pleasant and helpful ways. This public tool converts TextGrids into html-formatted, readable files without needing the SLAAP software. It also generates tab-delimited text files that you can download and open in Excel or a word-processor. For fuller details, view the praat_to_text page. [ Added: 12/06/2006; Last Mod: 12/9/2014 ]

  • Convert Transcriber transcript files (.trs format) to Praat TextGrids (.TextGrid format)

    I have developed the perl script used here to automatically convert from the XML-based standard Transcriber format (.trs) to a Praat TextGrid format. Once converted, Transcriber generated transcripts can be better temporally aligned to the audio using Praat (e.g., allowing for accurate representation of utterance overlap). For fuller details, view the trans_to_praat page. [ Added: 7/25/2006; Last Mod: 12/9/2014 ]

  • Convert Santa Barbara Corpus transcript files (.trn format) to Praat TextGrids (.TextGrid format)

    This tool converts transcripts from the Santa Barbara Corpus of Spoken American English (.trn format) into Praat TextGrids. Once converted, the Santa Barbara Corpus transcripts can be opened directly in Praat along with their audio files. For fuller details, view the sbc_to_praat page. [ Added: 5/7/2008; Last Mod: 12/9/2014 ]

Praat Scripts & Sociophonetics-related Materials

  • Parse TextGrid transcripts to readable, tab-delimited text

    This Praat script writes the information in a TextGrid to the Praat Info window in tab-delimited format. It is intended to convert SLAAP-like TextGrid transcripts to a readable, text format, though it may be suitable to convert other sorts of TextGrid data to text formats. (This only works on interval tier data.) [ Added: 3/3/2009; Last Mod: 3/3/2009 ]

  • Vowel Capture Script, August 2009

    A Praat Editor script related to NORM. It captures formant and duration data for measured vowels and stores the results in a tab-delimited text file, suitable for use in MS Excel, with NORM, or so on. It also stores the Praat formant settings for each measurement in the main output file. Additionally, the script stores full formant data and spectrograms for each measured token in individual output files. The script can be used in tandem with a TextGrid for easier labeling of the tokens. Please note: This is only one of many (many) possible scripts to aid in the extraction of formant data. It may not be appropriate for many projects, but should be fairly easily modified to be of use for a wide-range of projects. Its most useful feature is probably its storage of the number of poles and maximum formant settings, which make it easier to reconstruct exactly how each measurement was taken. [ Added: 8/14/2009; Last Mod: 8/30/2012 ]

  • Praat script and accompanying blank Excel spreadsheet for measurement of vowels.

    The script takes measurements of F1-F4 and F0 at three points - 35 ms after onset, midpoint, and 35 ms before offset, as well as the duration of the entire vowel, unless the duration is less than 70 ms, in which case all three measurement points become the midpoint.

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